[THINGS TO DO] Soulscape Journey Medicine Circle

12524302_1662642893973881_7162925741612634856_nPhoto Credit: Soulscape Journey

I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful event today by a wonderful group of ladies that head up the holistic healing organization, Soulscape Journey.  Today was the first of a series of monthly healing circles called the Sacred Sunday Natures Medicine Circle.

Hosted in the serene Lake Balboa Park, the circle set up in the grass near some trees behind the waterfall, with a beautiful copper and crystal piece in the center surrounded by flowers.  The co-founders of Soulscape Journey, Megan and Josefina, welcomed everyone and gave a background on what has brought them to the healing they do now do.

Starting around 1:30pm and going until 5pm, myself and approximately 30 other attendees got to test out various forms of healing while also gaining a wide variety of knowledge, such as evolutionary astrology and Yerba Mate.  We did several variations of meditation, including breath work, guided meditation, and spirit animal meditation.  One aim of the monthly gathering is to explore different avenues of spirituality and alternative healing methods in order to find what works for you.

A representative from a well known Yerba Mate company joined to share in a Yerba Mate Sacred Circle.  In this we passed around a gourd with the Yerba Mate and shared with the circle our one intention word.  For me, community was what drove me to the event that day.  A close second was exploration.

My favorite part of the whole event was the Sound Healing.  A couple came with Tibetan singing bowls which they used for the sound healing portion.  You could hear the bowl approach you as one of the healers walked around the circle playing the bowl.  I’ve been to one other Sound Bath before and really enjoyed it.  I have a hard time with focus during meditation still, but the vibrations from the bowl make it easier for me go into a deeper space.

It was such a wonderful experience with a diverse mix of beautiful souls.  The next event will be on February 7th.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to meet some a group of open and nonjudgmental Angelenos while exploring transformation and healing.

Things to Bring When You Go:

  • Something to sit on (yoga mat, blanket, or pillow)
  • Any type of instrument to join in the jam session following the healing
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Snacks or a protein bar as you will be there for a few hours
  • A pillow (To rest your head on if you like to lie down when you meditate or participate in the Sound Healing)
  • Warm clothes or a blanket (It got chilly towards the evening)

More photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Soulscape Journey Medicine Circle | Meditate | Los Angeles, California

Soulscape Journey Medicine Circle | Meditate | Los Angeles, California

Soulscape Journey Medicine Circle | Meditate | Los Angeles, California

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Visit their website here.
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