[THINGS TO DO] Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Located in the heart of the Historic West Adams district of Los Angeles, the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens sits as a quiet and rejuvenating space for peace and meditation.  Once an Italian Renaissance mansion built and occupied by former winery giant, Secundo Guasti, this historic building now houses the MSIA (Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness) and PTS (Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy).


A non-denominational church, founded by John-Roger, MSIA teaches Soul-Transcendence and offers courses and workshops through their educational organization, PTS, on site at the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens.  While being the headquarters, numerous members of the church reside and practice from this beautiful home as well.

Admission is free to visit the PAL&G; however, you must go online and reserve your time slot ahead of time.  The first time you visit you will be required to do a tour, and after this tour you may return and reserve a visit and utilize the space for meditation, reading, etc. without doing the tour again.  For us, the tour consisted of a walk through of the first floor of the building, where you could see some of the original art work from it’s beginnings in the early 1900s and hear stories of massive gatherings hosted by famous director and choreographer Busby Berkeley, who bought the property in 1937.  The detailed carving of wood and stunning mural in the foyer are stunning!


In the back, you’ll find the peace labyrinth and gardens.  The labyrinth is 20-30 feet in diameter, and you’ll often find people slowly pacing through the labyrinth as a form of meditation.  There are few rules on how to utilize the labyrinth; however, they do ask that you walk on the guided paths and not step across the labyrinth across the lines.  The gardens are filled with gorgeous plants, flower, and even a koi pond.  There are areas of seating scattered throughout the back making it the perfect retreat from the cluttered lives in the outside world of Los Angeles.

To learn more about the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, or to register for your visit, go here.


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