[DIY] Easy Lace & Spray Paint Craft

After getting a minor surgery the other day I was on a mission to stay in the house for a couple of days and relax.  I decided this would be the perfect time to get some crafting in!  We moved into our new home just 2 months ago and my decorating has taken the back seat to just about everything else.  A craft day was a perfect excuse to refocus my attention on filling up some of our walls!

2016-01-24 Lace Spray Pain Letter Canvas (7)

A couple of friends of mine, Arin and Deeksha, came over to make dream catchers.  The first one I made turned out great, but the weaving was a little disorderly.

2016-01-24 Dream Catcher Craft (15)

The second one I made went to my Mom for her new apartment in Austin.  I got the weaving down for this one.  I’m waiting to post a tutorial on this until I give it a couple more tries to really feel confident in my weaving skills.  Keep an eye out for that DIY in the future!

In the mean time, I did play with spray paint that same day and came up with the easiest and fastest way to get something on a canvas and personalize any room.  The three key ingredients: Canvas, Spray Paint, and Lace!  This is a beginners project, so no excuses!

I had purchased large letter from Joann Fabrics to paint for our room, but I was inspired while cutting into the lacey fabric I purchased.  I always buy large cans of spray paint for projects and never end up using them again.  I had some small canvases in need of use and figured this was my chance!  This project is so quick and easy and would even make a great base for a painting endeavor.  Here is how I did it:

What You Will Need:

  1. At least 2 different colored spray paints
  2. A canvas (or surface you wish to paint)
  3. Lace (I got 1/2 yard of lace fabric from Joann’s)

2016-01-24 Lace Spray Pain Letter Canvas (13)

Be sure you have a good working surface and have covered it with newspaper or something similar to reduce the risk of ruining any nice furniture or flooring.  I went outside and used a cardboard box.  Take your canvas and spray paint it entirely with one color.  I painted my evenly, but feel free to get creative with this.  You could even spray multiple colors.  Set this aside to dry.  (Time varies based on amount of paint used, but mine was ready to work with after 10 minutes.)

Cut the lace to be just a little bigger than your canvas.  Once your canvas is dry, lay the the lace over the canvas making sure it is touching the canvas fully in all areas and that it is even.  Now, carefully begin spraying over the lace with a different color to get the desired pattern.  I recommend holding the lace gently when you first begin to ensure the spray doesn’t blow it off the canvas.  Once you have finished spraying the lace and canvas, carefully remove the lace ensure you don’t smear any recent paint.  Let the canvas sit to the side to dry.

2016-01-24 Lace Spray Pain Letter Canvas (11)

Once this is dry you can keep it as is, or add anything you’d like to the canvas.  I got 2 different cardboard letters for Jesse and I and painted them with glitter paint.  I used a glue gun to glue them onto the boards and then glued a peace of lace to the top to use a string to hold the paintings by.  This is where you can get creative with it!


Hope this inspires you to take a moment to do some crafting!

2016-01-24 Lace Spray Pain Letter Canvas (10)

2016-01-24 Lace Spray Pain Letter Canvas (8)


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