[PHOTOGRAPHY] Ela Mella’s Photoshoot at Iconic Locations in Los Angeles

My roommate’s Avocado art (Ela Mella) has been taking off in Los Angeles, and I had the honor of taking some headshots for her.  We wanted something relevant to her work while tapping into her artsy personality.  We shot at a few locations throughout the Los Angeles area including Silverlake and West Hollywood.

Photography around Los Angeles - Music Box Steps in Silverlake

For our first location, we chose to shoot at the famous Music Box Steps located in Silverlake.  When I typed the location into my navigation app, Waze, it actually took me straight there.  The address provided by Trip Advisor is 923-925 Vendome St., Los Angeles, CA.  Parking was relatively easy to find and we entered from the top of the stairs.  We were there around 11:00 AM and a good amount of runners were going up and down the stairs for their morning routine.  The traffic was minimal though, still, and allowed for us to have plenty of time to get our shots.  The steps are covered in trees with light peaking in at several locations.  Using a reflector, I was able to get some great lighting for the shoot.  I highly recommend this spot for shooting!

Instagramable places in Los Angeles - the Paul Smith Wall | Photography

Angela mentioned the pink wall at Paul Smith in West Hollywood (8221 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046), so we started our drive that way.  On the way we saw an advertisement for a chip company painted on the side of the building on Melrose, just east of Paul Smith.  It was all too perfect to go along with her avocado (guac) theme, so we had to stop for a few photos.

Photography by a chip advertisement on the wall of a building on Melrose in West Hollywood

We ended at the Paul Smith building where we used the pink painted building as a colored backdrop for some shots.  I brought an avocado for her to use as a prop, which despite thinking it was silly at first, ended up adding a great touch!  When we were getting close to wrapping, we cut it open in half for the final pictures, knowing it could quickly start browning.  Here, the lighting was much harsher than at the Steps, so I used reflector to fill in some shadows when needed.  The reflector has still been one of the best small investments I’ve made when it comes to portrait photography!

Photography of Ela Mella - the Los Angeles based avocado artist

If you want to see more photos from the shoot, you can find them on my Facebook page!

Photography of Ela Mella - the Los Angeles based avocado artist
Star Wars inspired Avocado Art by Ela Mella

For more information on Ela Mella and find her at a local event or art showing, connect with her via the following:


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