[EVENT] CoffeeCon Los Angeles 2017

Video shot using iPhone 6 and DJI Osmo Mobile for stabilization.

This weekend, Downtown Los Angeles was host to the 3rd ever CoffeeCon to take place in Southern California. Located at the Reef, a creative space just south of the 10 Freeway off of Broadway, hundreds of baristas, coffee shop owners, and coffee fanatics gathered to share in the art of coffee. Marketed as a consumer coffee festival, an approachable price of $20 gained you access to both days of the 2 day event. From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, consumers could attend a variety of classes, sample coffees, and learn more about coffee and coffee related products from the 40+ vendors that filled up the 2nd floor of The Reef.

CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Brewista at CoffeeCon LA 2017

A show floor lined with vendors served as a great starting point for the day.  Each vendor had their products out in 10 x 10 displays, offered up samples of coffee, and educated consumers on the benefits their company could offer.  What seemed like 50% of the booths there were brewing their coffee in Chemex glasses, and offered a variety of different kinds of coffees to try.  One vendor even had Chemex glasses with the old-school warming bases.  Prices range on the steeper side from $40 on up, but it is a great conversation starter for having guests over and makes you look like a coffee expert!

CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Bodum at CoffeeCon LA 2017

Bodum had a beautifully arranged, large shelf display next to their booth featuring all of their products.  Being a user of several Bodum products, we had to stop by.  The gentleman at the booth kindly walked through the proper brewing techniques when using their french press and even let me walk away with a new scoop for my coffee!

CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Specialty Coffee Association’s Flavor Wheel at CoffeeCon LA 2017

The Specialty Coffee Association had the first booth visible when getting off of the elevator.  They printed a large, maybe 10 x 10, flavor wheel.  They explained that this is being used (and also still a work in progress) to aid in the coffee tasting and creation process.

CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Kona Bar at CoffeeCon LA 2017

One of our favorite stops was Kona Bar‘s coffee chocolate bars, sold for $10 per variety pack of 6 different bars.  My personal favorite flavors were the Hibiscus and the Tahitian Vanilla!  You could sample a piece of each of the chocolates to either buy a pre-made pack of chocolates or create your own combo.  Unfortunately, they are local to Hawaii, and don’t sell in any stores in California.  The great news is that anyone wishing to purchase their to-die-for chocolate can order online and pay for shipping to his or her respective location from either their online store or Amazon.

CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Bar Nine at CoffeeCon LA 2017

My favorite coffee brand of the event was Bar Nine.  Jesse and I found them through Artisanal LA this past fall and fell in love with the coffee!  They were selling small bags for $15 and were a sponsor for several of the classes as well.  They’re staff was extremely knowledgable on coffee, and their booth was consistently packed the whole show.  They have a shop in Culver City, for any Los Angeles locals!

CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Cafflano at CoffeeCon LA 2017

One product that triggered our interest was Cafflano‘s All-in-One Coffee Maker.  This portable device made it easy to grind, brew and drink your coffee all from one tool.  With all of the travel and camping we do, it would be a perfect addition to our travel kit!

Jesse and I have been trying to incorporate more turmeric in our diets, so it was only fitting that I stopped by Turveda‘s booth.  They were featuring a turmeric infused cold beverage as well as some warm teas you could brew at home to help increase your Turmeric intake.  It can be an acquired taste for sure, but I though the flavors they infused with the drink make it approachable to people still trying to get acclimated to the “healthy drinks” category.

Good Land Organics - CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Good Land Organics at CoffeeCon LA 2017

There were a variety of other noteworthy booths: Organic Pastures had a raw milk they were sampling, Donut Farm was selling vegan donuts, Good Land Organics was selling coffee bean trees, and Mylkman was serving up their coconut water almond milk, available for delivery in Los Angeles.

CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
Bona Fide Craft Draft Coffee at CoffeeCon LA 2017

The classes were the highlight of the event!  Both days featured 1 to 5 different classes per hour starting at 10:00 AM, free to anyone with a pass to the event.  An special tasting class could be purchased at an additional cost as well.  We attended the following classes:

  • Intro to Grinding
  • Latte Art with Heather Perry
  • How to Cup Coffee Class
  • How to Host a Cupping Party
  • Home Espresso
  • Advanced Espresso

By far, Heather Perry of Klatch Coffee’s class on Latte Art was our favorite.  Not only does she command a presence, but her easy to understand way of teaching made it a valuable class for newcomers and experts alike.  She teaches regularly outside of CoffeeCon, and more information can be found about her at Klatch Coffee’s website.  Another favorite was the How to Cup Coffee class!

How to Cup Coffee Session - CoffeeCon LA 2017 - Things to Do - Los Angeles
How to Cup Coffee Class at CoffeeCon LA 2017

At the end of each day, a raffle ticket was handed out to any attendees that came to the room where a raffle was hosted.  20+ items including V60 pour overs, an upscale grinder, aeropresses, and many other coffee related tools were given out.

Overall this was a perfect event at a an incredible value.  I’d love to see the vendors grow in size for the coming years because we just couldn’t get enough.  We’re so excited to attend again in 2018!

See the recap video I put together and clips from some of the classes on my YouTube!
See additional photos from the event on Facebook.

For more information on CoffeeCon, you can connect with them via the following:

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  1. It was a fantastic weekend, thanks for attending! 😀


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