[RECIPE] Unicorn Food: Quick & Easy Rainbow Vanilla Pudding

I’ve started hosting monthly potlucks with my friends as a way to share in food and get everyone together. This month’s theme was the ever popular Unicorn Food!

Unicorn Food: Quick and Easy Rainbow Instant Vanilla Pudding

I had all of these aspirations of trying to make rainbow grilled cheese, or fancy multi-colored ice cream. The day arrived for the get together and time got the best of me. While prepping other food items, assuming most people would end up bringing sweets and people would want some real food too, I was worried I’d never get to my actual dish.

Unicorn Food: Quick and Easy Rainbow Instant Vanilla Pudding

In thinking of an extremely easy dish I could make that would still contribute to the Unicorn Food theme, it dawned on me that I had left over instant pudding. I know, I know. It isn’t my normal healthy diet dish, but everyone’s allowed a cheat day every once in a while, right? It was so ridiculously easy, while still impressing my guests, that I knew I just had to share!

Having clear glasses (I purchased plastic ones to make clean up easy) is key. After all, you want your guests to see the beautifully colored layers right? I garnished it with a strawberry on top, but you could definitely get elaborate with the decorations. Next time, I may add whipped cream, sprinkles and assorted fruits.

Ingredients for the Unicorn Food: Quick and Easy Rainbow Instant Vanilla Pudding

You could certainly make the pudding from scratch, but what made this so quick was using the store bought instant pudding. It’s only 3 ingredients!  The pudding hardens so quick you almost don’t have time to pour it into the glasses (which is why you need to move fast). The benefit to this, though, is that you can have these ready in under 30 minutes, as you don’t have to wait long for each layer to set. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Quick and Easy Unicorn Food: Rainbow Vanilla Pudding

  • Servings: 10
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • 4 Packages Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
  • Milk (quantity required by the pudding mix you purchase x 4)
  • Food Coloring (4 different colors)


Keep in mind: I purchased a generic instant vanilla pudding mix from the store that required only milk to be added. I used whole milk for full creaminess. Please note that if you are making pudding from scratch, or using a brand that requires additional ingredients you may need to adjust the timing on each step.

  1. Line a tray with 10 clear cups (or glasses).
  2. Because the pudding starts to harden almost immediately when the mix is combined with the milk, it is easiest to color the milk before adding the actual pudding mix.  Add the amount of milk required by one full milk packet of instant pudding mix to a bowl.
  3. Add 4 drops of your first food coloring to the milk in the bowl and stir until the milk reaches the color of your choosing. You can add more or less food coloring to adjust for the saturation you are looking to achieve. Note that the pudding may add a bit of a yellow color once added.
  4. Next, add the contents from 1 pudding mix box to the bowl and mix it in with a whisk until all mix is dissolved into the milk.
  5. Immediately begin pouring into the 10 cups, pouring until you’re about 1/2 inch up the glass of pudding (or your desired layer height). You may end up with extras at the end if your pours were smaller, but that’s okay – more for the chef! Once it starts hardening, it’s tough to get an even layer in the glass.
  6. Let this layer sit for 5 minutes to harden. This is key in ensuring your layers don’t combine.
  7. Now, repeat the process again with your next 3 colors until you have 4 beautiful layers in your cup.
  8. Garnish with a strawberry (or toppings of your choosing) and serve!

Recipe by TheirWanderlust.com

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