[FITNESS] 13 Tips for a ClassPass Newbie

For the last 18 months, I tried very hard to convince myself I was motivated enough to go to the gym on my own free will to lift weights.  It worked… when Jesse dragged me out of bed kicking and screaming at 6:30 in the morning.  And by worked, I mean not of my own free will and accompanied by grunts, death glares, and sighs of “10 more minutes.”  As of lately, we’ve been doing AcroYoga at home coupled with kettle-bell work outs (sporadically…. very sporadically) and the occasional hike nearby.  Rarely can I justify losing sleep to have to drive all the way to the boring gym to do the same old upper or lower body free weights variation I’ve been attempting to make exhilarating all year.  My more motivated self knows that’s not the right attitude, but the reality is, I crave a bit more excitement from my workouts and the weights just weren’t doing it for me. In walks ClassPass

ClassPass is a monthly membership that gives you access to take classes at (or visit) a large variety of gyms throughout your area.  I received an email in December from them offering a free month to rejoin.  A year or so ago, I signed up for the free trial but never had the chance to actually use it and ended up cancelling.  This time was going to be different, I could feel it!  I rejoined and committed to using the allocated classes for the month in hopes of getting a clear idea if I should stick with it, after all, joining was aligned with the New Years intentions I had set.  Another bonus: one of my favorite studios for standing partner acrobatics (Aerial Warehouse) is on ClassPass.  Win, win!

“I visited studios I would have never heard and became even more motivated to take some of the workouts I learned into my daily home practice.”

I just finished up my first month, and I’m hooked!  Some hate the $15 late cancellation fee, but I saw it as my motivation to stick to my commitments.  I visited studios I would have never heard of and became even more motivated to take some of the workouts I learned into my daily home practice.  Doing the classes gave me the motivation to get back into lifting for the shear goal of having more strength in some of the classes I started taking.  Sometimes, the kick in the butt I need is a new routine to motivate me or a teacher to give me new exercises to take into my own practice.

Some things I absolutely love:

New point system: ClassPass just rolled out the beta testing for Los Angeles to be point based.  If you had the 5 class membership, you’ll get 35 points to use.  Classes range from 3-7 points; although, I found a majority of the classes I was interested in were 6 or 7.

The variety of classes: You name it, ClassPass in LA has it.  To name a few: Pilates, every type of yoga, meditation, cryotherapy, karate, cycling, boxing, infrared sauna workouts, CrossFit, boot camp, circuit training, pole dancing, trapeze, AcroYoga, tap dancing, hula hooping, deep stretch classes, and the list goes on.

Meeting new people: I met awesome new people in each of my classes!  In my very first ClassPass class, a season vet at the studio took me under wing and prepared me with everything I needed to know for that class.

Motivation: Once I pressed the “Reserve Now” I felt a level of commitment to the class and to myself.  No skipping class at the last moment because you’re feeling lazy, as that will cost you $15!

New skills I gained: I started taking notes after a couple of classes to help me remember different stretches and workouts.  It would have taken hours of YouTube searching to learn some of the things I got from just a 60 minute class.

13 Tips for the ClassPass Newbie

13 Tips for a Newbie

  1. Check first to see if the studio you’re looking to book a class with offers a new student free trial (for example, YogaWorks offers a week of free unlimited classes to new customers).
  2. Take the time to look for studios you like and favorite them to make browsing for classes a bit easier.
  3. On that note, be prepared to spend some time in the beginning getting accustomed to what classes are offered and what you might end up wanting to take.
  4. Use the filters to minimize the scope of your search in terms of type of class, distance, etc.  (At first it was trying to send me down to Orange County!)
  5. If your traveling, don’t fret!  You can set a temporary location in one of ClassPass’s 40+ major cities.
  6. Add friends within the app through name search or by connecting with Facebook.  Doing so allows you to see what classes they plan to attend (or ones they’ve taken in the past for your inspiration purposes)!
  7. Always get to your class 15 or more minutes early as you’ll often need to sign new student paperwork.
  8. Check what you’re required to bring the day before your new class.  (Who knew I’d need a yoga mat for my tap dance class?)
  9. If you think there’s a possibility you may need to cancel your class for the next day, set an alarm for 13 hours before the class, as you have until 12 hours prior to cancel with no penalty ($15/late cancellation and $20/no-show).
  10. Keep a journal of the classes you took.  I use mine to write about what I did or didn’t like, key takeaways, and any other details to help me decide if I want to retake it again and also to remember new skills that I learned.
  11. Remember that depending on your plan, you can only attend the same studio a certain amount of times per month.  Some studios participating in the extra class booking program may allow you attend past the allotted times, but at a higher rate of points.
  12. With regards to points: If you run out of ClassPass points, you can purchase additional points for the month.  Also remember that points do not roll over, so be sure to keep an eye out for when your billing cycle is running up to ensure you use up your points before they reset.
  13. Think twice before cancelling.  ClassPass’s reactivation fee is $79.  Only occasionally do they provide promos where they waive the reactivation fee.  It’s much easier to place your account on hold.  Doing so costs $15/month (in Los Angeles) and allows you to still take 1 class per month and reactivate with no fees.  

Some things I hope to see improved:

Cancellations and Communication with ClassPass: Communication from ClassPass is slow, like really slow.  It took 3 business days for them to resolve a cancellation issue where the points from a class that was cancelled by the studio didn’t get refunded.  Once they refunded the points, however, they offered to roll them over to the next month if I didn’t have time to take the class this cycle.  Yay, ClassPass!

I did have a couple of classes cancelled (totally beyond ClassPass‘s control), so be prepared for the possibility of that happening if they don’t get enough sign ups.  One time, the points were returned immediately, the second time I had to reach out to ClassPass (likely because the studio didn’t notify ClassPass).

Searching for Classes: The class search specifically on the iOS app could be improved.  Right now, you can only search by studio name, amenities, distance or by a short list of activity types.  If I want to search for, say, AcroYoga, there’s no way to search by keyword unless you log in via a computer.  I’ve noticed even when using the computer, some classes I knew would fall under a specific keyword didn’t show up when searching, so there’s room for improvement on the keyword/search side.

Social Aspect:ClassPass could do so much more with the social component.  For example, It would be great if they allowed users to opt into a platform where they could connect with other users that took the same class with them, or form workout buddy groups for users with similar interests.

Studio Favorites: Currently you can mark your favorite studios and see a feed of upcoming classes at all of your favorite studios.  I would love to see an option to favorite individual classes too, to help minimize the scrolling you need to do when looking through the schedule of classes for your favorites.

Los Angeles/Orange County Pricing:

ClassPass pricing varies per city, but below are the costs for Los Angeles/Orange County.

New users get $40 off their first month!


  • $40/month – 21 credits per month (3 or more classes) – (value of $13.33/7 credit class) – visit the same studio 1 time per class
  • $60/month – 35 credits per month (5 or more classes) – (value of $12.00/7 credit class) – visit the same studio 2 times per month
  • $115/month – 70 credits per month (10 or more classes) – (value of $11.50/7 credit class) – visit the same studio 3 times per month

Additional Credit Packages:

  • $2.50 – 1 credit
  • $20.00 – 10 credits
  • $45.00 – 25 credits
  • $85.00 – 85 credits

Needless to say, I am addicted now and planning to continue my membership at the 35 credit amount for now.  I could definitely see myself buying more credits in months where I am not as busy.  I was able to take 6 total classes this month!  More to come about the classes I took in a later post.  Has anyone else used ClassPass?  What are your thoughts and tips for getting started with ClassPass?

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